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B. A. Brock has lived most of his life in the Pacific Northwest, with a couple years in Oklahoma. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in 2007 at Portland State University–which he mostly uses to contemplate how we can achieve a civilization more closely aligned with Star Trek.

During a round of Dungeons and Dragons, he discovered a desire to write out some scenes from his character’s story. Those scenes became an obsession, that obsession led to writing classes, and an author was born.

When not writing, Brock spends his time reading/reviewing novels, training for marathons, hanging out with his dog, and bemoaning the fact that the world has yet to make a decent gluten free doughnut.

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DSP Publications–Off the Beaten Path. Worth the Journey.

Dreamspinner Press–Where Dreams Come True… International publishers of quality gay romantic fiction since 2007.

Queer Sci Fi–Sci Fi, Fantasy, & Paranormal With a Bent Attitude.

The Novel Approach–Where Fiction is the Reality…


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