“Apollo’s Curse” by Brad Vance

I read this novel on the plane, and I enjoyed myself so much, that I was probably disturbing my row-mates with my chuckles. Or not. One guy looked really out of it. I was also writing MM sex scenes on my laptop, and I was practically in his lap (those seats are tiny). I don’t think he noticed, or maybe he did and was enjoying it.

I interpreted this novel as a hilarious satire on MM Romance culture. If you don’t have that frame of mind when you read it . . . I’m not sure what you will think. I found it to be very tongue-in-cheek. Our narrator is a writer, who wants to [actually] sell his work, so he writes trashy romances (ha). He becomes obsessed with one of the popular cover models for the Romances he writes (*looks at Apollo’s Curse’s book cover* ha ha), and attends a conference where he sleeps with said cover model (ha ha ha ha ha ha).

Not only that, but he gets a writing superpower, where he can write non-stop, lose weight, and sell best-sellers, because apparently the cover model had magic jizz or something. The only catch? After a year, his superpower goes away, and then he can’t write anything ever again. Not even his own name. Oops, should have read the fine print–or semen.

Before Apollo’s Curse, I had only read Vance’s Sam and Derek series (erotica), so you can imagine my surprise and delight at the differences. Apollo’s Curse has no on-page sex and is clearly a Romance. Vance can write some serious hot shit, but he’s also a bit of a softie and has a great sense of humor. And he can possibly poke fun at himself a little, which I highly appreciate.

I think I like you, Vance, even though you may a more of a thing for straight boys than I am comfortable with. I mean, you have met straight boys, right? *wink*


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