Author Appearance: Washington, Read With Pride

I’ve attended Read With Pride for the last three years and I love it, so it was a great honor and joy to be invited to join this panel.

Panel: With Romantic Elements: Writing and Reading Genre Fiction Mash-ups

Do you enjoy stories where the LGBTQIA+ characters get the love they deserve, but that journey shares the spotlight with mysteries, space battles, and hard-hitting contemporary issues? This session will explore stories beyond the ‘traditional’ romance category, ones that ‘mash-up’ romance and other genres elements together, and how these stories can highlight a broad spectrum of queer experiences.

Moderator: Charli Coty, Author (Torque, The Visionary)


J. S. Fields, Author (Ardulum: First Don)
B. A. Brock, Author (King of the Storm)
R. L. Mosswood, Author (Golden)
M. Pierce, Author (Trans Liberty Riot Brigade)
Ziggy Schutz, Author (Behind The Mask, Crossing Wires podcast)

Seattle Public Library, Central Branch
Seattle, Washington
(4th Floor, Room 2)

Here’s the link to Read With Pride. Register and check it out!

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