“Bad Things” by Varian Krylov

This story was well written. Crazy well written. The sentences flowed seamlessly, the dialog was perfect, and although there were a lot of POV shifts between two characters (I’m usually leery of that), they were well placed, well done, and enhanced the story.

This novel was so well done as a standalone, that I didn’t notice it was apparently a part of a series until much later.

“Dangerously Happy” was the first book in the series. I remember checking for that when I looked at the blurb, but I didn’t notice it because the characters in the first series weren’t mentioned in the blurb for the second. Not because they didn’t matter, but because the primary characters in the first are secondary characters in the second (if that made sense).

Now that I think about it, I should have known, because Krylov posts them on Facebook together. Oh well. Like I said, it doesn’t affect the experience.

Read this first or “Dangerously Happy” first. Do whatever you like. You’ll be fine, and you’ll enjoy it.

This is an erotica. Now, I post a lot of MM Romance, so you’re all probably like, “Duh?”

Well, let me clarify:

This book has the lengthiest, most detailed, and hard-core sex scenes that I have ever read.

Krylov gets you down into every millisecond of sex. Your entire body becomes her canvas. You explore it with sight, sound, and smell. And touch. You feel the heat, wet, and pleasure like it is your own.

And the pain. This story isn’t sunshine and rainbows. This story is dark. Just a warning: there is non-con and dub-con. Xavier does…bad things.

I admit, this wasn’t my usual fare. So why did I give it five stars? A while ago, I promised myself that I would not judge or sacrifice a story based on my own personal preferences or hang ups.

I looked past the cold, dark, and cramped spaces Krylov brought me into. As I read, the words bit into my flesh, and I ducked my chin, hoping that Krylov wouldn’t see my tears.

When I didn’t think I could take anymore, I pleaded with her, and begged her to spare me.

She didn’t.

I grit my teeth and got through it…

What I found was a breathtaking story of the vulnerabilities of the body and soul. In the darkness, there is light; in ugliness there is beauty, and in pain, there is pleasure.

What I found was a story worth reading again and again.

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