Best Books of 2016!

Some people like to blog their best books before the end of the year. Not me. What if I miss something great? So here you all are, my top ten books of 2016 (not necessarily published this year and in no particular order). Happy New Year and happy reading.

  1. Translucid by Zen DiPietro
  2. Fragments by Zen DiPietro
  3. Will and Patrick Fight Their Feelings by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths
  4. Gun to My Head by Dira Lewis
  5. Earthshatter by Albert Nothlit
  6. Neon Fever Dream by Eliot Peper
  7. The Seventh Pleiade by Andrew J. Peters
  8. The Zozobra Incident by Don Travis
  9. All In Fear: A Collection of Six Horror Tales by Open Ink Press
  10. Waycaller: Episode One by D. J. McPhee


This list breaks down to three contemporary, three science fiction, two fantasy, one paranormal, and one horror work. There are two books with pansexual protagonists, three with bisexual, and two with lesbian protagonists. One book has a protagonist with a disability, one with a woman of color, three are YA, and two books are a part of the same series. There are several independent authors and even more who write for tiny presses. Some of these books are a part of the KU program.



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