“Billy’s Bones” By Jamie Fessenden

I’ll admit to a certain bias up front, because Mystery/Thriller has been my favorite since I’ve been a little girl, but if you think about it, that also means that I’m like an expert or something on the genre.  Yeah!

Fessenden is one of my new favorite authors.  This story was suspenseful, sexy, scary, and down-right dark at times.  I loved it.  I related hard-core to Kevin, and although this is told from Tom’s point of view, we get a beautiful secondary characterization of him from Tom.  You see, Tom’s a psychologist, and from the very beginning he’s attracted to Kevin’s subtle charm and humor…until he starts to figure out that something’s not quite right with Kevin.

I loved how the dialog was spot on, short, and sweet.  I loved how the details were blunt, colorful, and sometimes raunchy.  Dogs, porches, hot tubs, and hamburgers.  This is the backdrop to most of the drama, and I can just picture myself there.  Woods all around, beer in hand – it’s perfect for chillaxing in the almost bro-like atmosphere.  But underneath there’s also uncertainty and intrigue and danger.

Kevin and Tom have a certain rapport.  It becomes apparent to Tom that Kevin has a tortured past, but they can’t talk about it, because Kevin doesn’t remember anything.  Kevin leaves when things get too real for him, comes back, leaves, only to come back again.  Both men are twined around each other, need something each other.  I love how the deeper Tom gets into the fascinating Kevin, the harder it is for him to separate his intuition from reason.  He’s immersed in Kevin’s life, and it’s too late for him to pull out.

This is one of those books where you get halfway through, and then you have to stay up late to finish it.  Curiosity may have given me a book hangover, but satisfaction brought me back!  Because of this novel, I’ve put it on my “to do” list to read everything that Fessenden has published.  “Saturn in Retrograde” looks delicious.  Taste it with me.


Link to “Billy’s Bones” on Goodreads

Link to “Saturn in Retrograde” on Goodreads

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