Bleeding Gray

YA LGBTQ Contemporary Novella


Maddy is the typical middle schooler, awkward and unsure, and is two weeks from graduating onto high school.  Her best friend, Lisa, is sweet and polite, and Maddy starts to fall for her.  That same nice trait in Lisa causes her to invite someone new into their group of friends.  A farm girl, Anne.  Maddy becomes jealous of this new girl, and heads down a dark path of hate.

The one person in Maddy’s life who seems to be okay with Maddy’s dark qualities, is Nicky, a girl in her drama club.  Nicky is everything Lisa is not: dangerous and crude.  Maddy and Nicky delve into their darkness together, sharing things that Lisa could never understand.  As Maddy’s experimentation spins out of control, Lisa pulls away.  Even Nicky becomes afraid of Maddy’s darkness.  Will Maddy lose everything that’s important to her before summer vacation?


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