“All That You Can’t Leave Behind” by Kirby Quinlan

26858686Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Publisher: KQ Press

Pages/Word Count: 292 pages


Let go of the past. Live in the moment. The future will take care of itself.

Tailor Sway is a professional organizer on the brink of divorce. When he is hired to appear on a reality TV show called “Hoarded Houses”, he has three days to help a collector of Christmas decorations clean up her property before it’s condemned by local authorities.

Everything is going according to Tailor’s carefully laid plans. That is, until Brayzen Mapleridge, a mega-famous pop singer known for his wild, daredevil antics, shows up.

Forced to pay for a recent stunt which has turned into a serious legal matter, Brayzen is given the opportunity to avoid jail time by doing some hard labor in front of the cameras.

But, it’s not an easy thing to do while being chased by all who trail in the wake of a major celebrity. Is Brayzen sincere about helping, or is it all just part of a well-crafted publicity campaign?

Despite some initial clashes between Tailor’s uptight determination and Brayzen’s carefree attitude, the two develop an unlikely partnership that quickly blossoms into a sizzling attraction.

But, Tailor’s unresolved conflict with his husband, Grant, an emotionally scarred veteran of the Iraq War, still looms in the background amidst a whirlwind of TV cameras, relentless paparazzi, eager fans, and scathing headlines. Despite all these complications, will it be Brayzen’s own meddling mother who puts the brakes on their steamy love affair for good?

At times sexy, laugh-out-loud funny, and tragically heartbreaking; this erotic tale of love, loss and letting go promises to give you a front-row seat on Tailor and Brayzen’s crazy, romantic rollercoaster ride. Strap yourself in.


This was a hilarious story that was also very sexy, filled with rich and detailed characters. While I can’t say I’ve met these types of people before, I felt as if in another life I could have. They were tangible in the way where I could mentally touch them (or in Brayzen’s case, slap him around a bit), which in my opinion is the goal of great fiction.

Tailor’s secretly crushed on Brayzen for years, and the coincidence that the pop star comes to his show out of the blue sets up an incredibly entertaining plot line. Brayzen, clearly, has other motives besides altruism, and the lady they are helping adds a whole other dynamic to the drama. Besides their over the top personalities, I loved how the characters were flawed in real ways too. Brayzen’s serving a community service sentence for one of his recent stunts, because he’s a bit of a wild man, and while Tailor initially comes off as your average Joe, he harbors a corrosive self image, and a ton of guilt over his crush and his stale relationship. Brayzen’s personality causes Tailor’s true self to leak out in delightfully unexpected ways, and it’s obvious, after meeting, the two will never be the same. The drama is perfection.

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