Christmas 2017 and Beyond

Every year I make tons of cookies. These ones were more photogenic than the others.

I’VE BEEN a bit absent from my blog lately. Apologies. The holidays are always a stressful time for me, because I’ve been working retail for the last decade and it’s also Rand’s birthday (on Christmas). This year I spent most my time between work shifts cooking for the party. It was worth it but exhausting.


On Christmas we had my brother’s girlfriend’s family over. I mentioned on Facebook I was outed by my mother to their family. The entire story leaves me feeling a bit sad and frustrated. Ironically, my mom was telling a story about my integrity as a child. Really quite sweet. She was explaining the day I was kicked out of Camp Fire (Camp Fire is a shittier version of Girl Scouts). I remember that day. The Camp Fire leader basically hated me because I was opinionated, and apparently my opinion back then was we shouldn’t spend all our time making crafts for old people. Anyway, my mom felt the need to mention this was back when, “Ben wasn’t Ben.”

I left in the middle of doing dishes.

Maybe it wouldn’t have been so terrible normally, but Thanksgiving 2016 was a shit storm when my uncle revealed to everyone that I wrote gay fiction. What would have been better is if my mother had simply not mentioned the fact that Camp Fire was a singled-gendered society/club. Our English friends wouldn’t have known (I’m not even sure most people in the US even know about Camp Fire), and if they had known, my brother’s girlfriend could’ve explained it to them later. It didn’t have to be aired out in front of everyone on Christmas.

We drink a lot. Maybe part of the problem?
Santa brings us (hilarious) hygiene products.

The good notes of Christmas were we got to experience some traditions of their family. We opened crackers, raced wind-up toys, wore ridiculous paper crowns, and lit the kitchen on fire with blue flames from the Christmas pudding ritual. I also got a TARDIS mug, so I’m counting it all as a win.

The New Year
I’m going to be honest, I bought myself more things than I bought other people this past holiday.

Every year I present my “Best of the Year” books on my blog, but this year I’ll be breaking them on WROTE Podcast. The episode airs Friday the 12th.

I also talk about what I learned from King of the Storm, Baz sensibly reveals the pitfalls of my perfectionism, I discuss what being trans and bi+ in the MM Romance crowd is like and what drives me crazy, and I end with what’s next for me in publishing and gluten-free baking.

Look for that episode here:

Mostly I’m not superstitious about the New Year. It’s an arbitrary date, or at least no longer as relevant as it may have been in the past, but this year I’m set on 2018 being better. To that end I’ve actually made some resolutions. There’s the usual: get more fit. And the obvious: publish more books. Last year I devoted myself to many writing classes on craft (nine total?), so this year I’d like to apply what I’ve learned. But my biggest resolution of 2018? Learn more nouns. If you think about it, it’s not that crazy. Maybe….

What are your New Year’s resolutions?


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