“Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts” by Lyn Gala

Gala has made it on my top reads more than once, for obvious reasons, but when I look at her reviews for this novel, there isn’t a lot to be said that hasn’t already been said.

Great world building.  Interesting D/s relationship.  Fantastic portrayal of aliens.  All true.

So often I read scifi and the aliens are just like humans…in nearly every way.  And the worlds are just like Earth…in nearly every way.  But here we have something different, something perhaps believable.  The aliens don’t communicate like humans, and they aren’t sexually compatible with humans.

When Liam becomes Ondry’s “possession” sex isn’t a part of that equation.  Or is it?

To a Rownt, sex is unpleasant, necessary for survival, but horrible to endure.  To Liam?  Sex has only brought him shame and disappointment.  And here’s this alien, offering something else.  Ownership over him, yes, but also something else.  Trust.

I recommend this read not only based on the fact that this work deals with alien cultures who don’t have human-like penises in MM, but because it explores another side of a D/s relationship.  I’m not saying you’ll love it, like I did, but it may make you think.  Like I did.  Check it out.

Link to Goodreads: Claimings, Tails

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