“Cold War” by Keira Andrews

I don’t usually do blurbs, but here I go:

Dev’s worked hard to get to where he is in pairs figure skating, and he and his partner Bailey have made it to the Olympics.

One couple seems to be standing in their way of the gold: the Russians, Mikhail (Misha) and Kisa.

Dev may think he hates Misha, he may even believe it, but deep down his body knows something he doesn’t.  It won’t shut up about it.  And even though Dev understands that he and Misha are on different teams when it comes to the Olympics, he’s going to find out that they are very much on the same team in bed.  (And so will you.  Very hot.)

Know thy enemy…

“Cold War” has the delicious feel of a locker room romance.  It totters between going very wrong and very right.

Dev struggles with his feelings for the man on the other side. He is falling for him.  Hard.  Is it wrong to want the one you love to fail?  He has worked his ass off for years, but can he keep it together, days to go before he represents the United States in the most important competition of his career?

The tension spikes. Who will win this cold war?

The characters are compelling and Misha is one of my favorites, cold on the outside and steamy hot on the inside.  Don’t let his calm fool you; he is a desperate man.  Dev is also struggling with desperation, and I love watching the fire and ice collide.

Besides the incredible characterization of Misha, I loved the world Andrews built.  Figure skating is a dynamic and culture-rich sport, and Andrews surrounds you in the sights, sounds, and lingo of the world.  Andrews did the same thing with tennis in “Love Match”, and she proves herself to be a master of the Sports Romance genre.

Whether you are a figure skating nut or not, I think you’ll love this story.  It’s mostly about two people trying to be together, despite the odds. Who can’t relate to that?

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