“Dark Space” by Lisa Henry

Steamy and tense, “Dark Space” is my favorite “gay for you” book because of Henry’s mastery of tension.

Brady, our narrator in first person, is just another recruit on a space ship full of guys. He doesn’t consider himself particularly charming, intelligent, or attractive, and thinks the only way he’s getting home is in a body bag.

Cameron Rushton is confident, sexy, a lieutenant, and gay. You’d think he’d have more mental issues after being a captive of the enemy, the Faceless, for so many years, but we find out he’s less messed up than Brady.

Henry uses the Faceless as a tool for tension building, and they provide the weird biochemical link between Cam and Brady that keeps them glued to each other throughout the novel. Throughout the entire book there is a “timer” on Brady and Cam’s relationship. Brady knows the Faceless are going to wreck everything he holds dear. Cam knows it. We know it. Hell, we FEEL it.

Brady is full of angst. It’s a perfect combination for Cam, and a great setup for the tension and fireworks that follow. Every outburst by Brady shows his flaws and his beauty.  I like that Brady’s a punk, but not a bad guy. If he’d admit it to himself, he’s kind of sweet.

The sex is hands, mouths, cocks, and asses. They are on a space ship with very little resources. Luckily one of my favorite characters, the doctor, brings them condoms – lol – because I was pretty sure that they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves. Even though the doctor said that Cam was squeaky clean, he’s been in alien territory for so long…and we know that he’s gotten a little freaky with them. Yeah. That’s another good point of tension.

As Brady’s outbursts show more of him and Cam’s personalities, so do the sex scenes. The ideas about their sex acts start out small and nagging in Brady’s brain, and half the time he can’t tell if he wants it or if Cam wants it.  The roller coaster is so much fun.

Cam’s a freaking saint. It would have been super easy for him to seduce Brady, but he doesn’t. Brady knows that Cam needs him to survive, and Cam is waiting impressively patiently for Brady to realize that Brady needs him as well.

I was at a party when I found myself half way through the novel. I was with people I hadn’t seen in years, and some I probably won’t see again, but I had to race through the rest of the book just to see if there was a happy ending.

*winks and shakes finger*  Spoilers!

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