“Dirty Deeds” by S.E. Jakes

Apparently this book was an offshoot from another series, “Hell or High Water”, featuring two characters of that series. I did not know that until I began reading it. First, I’d like to say that I did alright considering I had very little back story, and second, holy crap this book was hot.

Two spies, one knows the other is a spy and the other doesn’t. Cool game of cat and mouse. I love a good spy thriller. And sexy fun time – don’t forget the sexy fun time.

Jakes has an interesting premise and uses “sexting” in this novel (when you engage in sexual activities through texts. Lingo these days). I’d never seen cybering or sexting done in a novel before, and it was incredibly effective. The sexting was necessary because one of the MC’s has had his vocal cords  badly damaged and couldn’t speak. It was damn unique and intriguing and surprisingly hot. I was worried that it may pull me out of the experience, but it didn’t. I was there, baby. Dick pics and everything.

There was a wonderful power struggle between the two men, and until the end it was hard for me to tell who was “on top”, both in bed and in their cat and mouse spy game.

There may have been too many POV shifts, but I think I am getting cranky about those, so feel free to call my bias on that one.

My main complaint? The book is too short and ends on a cliffhanger. I probably won’t bite and get the next one, because while I liked the book, I wasn’t that attached to either main character. Sure, the sex was hot and the writing was good, but I’m not interested in spending my time waiting for the story to be complete five to ten books down the line. Again, feel free to call my bias.

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