“Don’t…” by Jack Pyke


Genre: Gay Mystery/Thriller

Length: Novel

Series: Don’t… #1


Note: I’ll admit, when Deckard recommended this series to me, I was like, “Wait . . . what’s this about? Is this a BDSM sub story?” Can’t the narrator be the one doing the spanking, for once?

Deckard hedged.

I was leery, but he had been avoiding reading M/M, so I had to give his first recommendation a shot. Also, recommendations are sort of sacred to me, and if someone really feels passionately about a book, I have to check it out. If anything, it tells me more about the person who recommended it.

Well, I fucking loved the first book. Fantastic writing, more literary fiction than genre ficiton, with how stark and powerful the voice was. Pyke is British, and she used language I wasn’t accustomed to, and I fucking loved that too. It enriched her world.

Jack, our narrator through most of the novel, works in a garage in London(ish), and seems to be a normal, working-class guy. But he has a dark side to his togetherness, a seedy underbelly; broken, complicated, and it becomes increasingly clear that he hangs on to reality by a very thin thread. The ways he keeps himself grounded and balanced are appalling, yet beautiful–riding that line of recklessness and personal responsibility. At times I was baffled by his ridiculous behavior, and others, I was intrigued. Jack is probably the most interesting fictional character I’ve “met” in a while.

This is a Mystery/Thriller series, so I can’t get into depth with the plot and stuff, but damn, it was interesting. The power play is fantastic. Heads up—this is an ongoing series, however, I think the first book makes a great standalone.

Goodreads Link : Don’t… by Jack Pyke.

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