“Double Header” by Diphallic Dude

Note: I wasn’t around for the Reddit hype, but my friend, China, recommended this book to me, so I checked it out.


DDD (Double Dicked Dude) was born with two penises—reportedly two working, attractive penises. Now this surprises me, on a mild level, but I wouldn’t say that it’s out of the realm of possibility. The human body is a crazy thing. Besides the fact that I may have a thing for certain medical conditions, I think what mostly fascinated me was DDD himself.

At a fairly young age, DDD recognized that he had some bisexual tendencies, and he reports that he has a fairly high libido (but what guy doesn’t report such statistics?). He also says that his libido is due to the fact that he has two dicks, but that’s just . . . not scientifically sound. Sorry DDD, but maybe if you had four balls, I’d buy it. So, he’s horny and the world is his oyster. He’s also pretty kinky. Sweet—I’m in.

DDD’s plain-spoken, unapologetic, raunchy, and Trouble. I loved it. He tells us some of his personal stories: doctor’s visits, school troubles, etc. And then he gets into the sexy time. Now, I’ve read what some people have said about his “porn”. Some people bashed it, said that it was poorly written and obscene. I didn’t see it that way (okay, maybe it wouldn’t hurt if he took a writing class or two). Sure, his scene isn’t my own, but when did that ever stop me from enjoying a piece of literature? I read to get into someone else’s head, hopefully someone with different experiences, so this was good for me. So good.

I especially liked the parts where he talked about his huge prostate (damn, I hope that doesn’t cause him more problems later), and I was fascinated with the fact that men were way more into his two dicks than women, even straight men. Very telling, that. He didn’t go into a lot of detail about his relationships, but I would have enjoyed reading a bit more about the one he was in at the time he wrote Double Header, which was with a guy and a girl at the same time. Those dynamics are always intriguing. He also spent a bit of time talking about his aversion to condoms. I did mention that he was Trouble, right? Okay, so maybe he and I disagree on the whole protection thing, but whatever, it’s his life (and all of those people who slept with him). I also wished the other half of the book hadn’t just been clips taken from the internet, but this was a fun and enjoyable read. He seems cool, and I might have had some dreams about him. Might have.


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