“Fatal Shadows” By Josh Lanyon

I found a new favorite author.  I love mystery/thriller, I love LGBT fiction, and I love sexiness, and this book has all of that.  The protagonist, Adrien, is a little testy, which I adore, but I’m not sure if that’s a personality trait, or if he’s just having a shitty week, because he is certainly having a shitty week.  He was accused of murdering his old friend and ex employee.

Unfortunately Adrien’s also kinda attracted to the cop who has accused him, a certain Detective Riordan.  Overbearing, pompous, disdainful…and so alluring.  Mysterious as well, with an…unconventional past.

Adrien knows he isn’t the killer, but then who is?  He’s a mystery writer by vocation, so of course he’s going to work to clear his own name, and of course that’s what know-it-all Riordan wanted him to do in the first place.  If he’s not the killer, then he’s in no real danger, right?  Wrong.

Besides the mystery and sexiness, I loved how stark the dialog was.  Too often I think to myself as I read, “No one talks like that!”  I found Lanyon’s dialog to be exceedingly comfortable.

I also like how this isn’t a classical romance.  It was more about the plot, but as the plot thickens, so does the complexity of Adrien’s love life.  Bookshop owner and writer, Adrien’s suddenly thrust into more man and mystery than he can handle.  And he doesn’t always handle it well, seeing as how he has a heart condition and sort of…faints.  *chuckles*  Yeah, he’s a fainter.

Besides Detective Riordan and Adrien, Claude was a favorite character of mine.  I felt like I knew him, down to his elaborate gestures and wide eyes of feigned surprise.  I know he’s Creole, but he kinda reminded me of my Italian relatives.  Probably because of the high drama.  We Italians love our drama.

I really can’t say enough good things about this novel, but I also can’t say that much.  It’s a mystery.  I can say that I will definitely be reading more Josh Lanyon.  He just made a new fan.


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