Favorite Authors

Authors I have reviewed on my website more than once; in essence, they are my favorites.


Albert Nothlit

Writes YA/NA Science Fiction. His plots are fast-paced, his characters can hold their own, and his science is hard… so hard (okay, not that hard). He’s a relatively new author for me, but I’ve been digging what he’s been dishing, so I’ll keep reading.

Albert Nothlit Website


Wolf Specter

Specter’s background is in writing erotica, specifically mpreg erotica, but since then he’s made a name for himself in Gay Paranormal Romance, and I’ve been impressed with his work. I’ll auto buy everything he writes, and because he’s prolific, I nearly always have something to read from him. It just gets better and better.


J. Scott Coatsworth

Writes fantastic gay speculative fiction. His style is fluid and easy to read, and although his stories seem to be light-hearted for the most part, he explores very real, contemporary gay issues. (Avalon was a more serious work, and I’m sure there will be others.)

Coatsworth’s Website

17304775Lyn Gala

Writes all kinds of contemporary and speculative fiction, gay, straight, fantasy, science fiction. Everything. She really likes broody characters, and I find it easy to sink in their skins.

Gala’s Website

T. J. Klune

Writes gay contemporary and speculative fiction, but most of his worldbuilding themes are contemporary in nature. Even his light reads are surprisingly deep and meaningful.

Klune’s Website



359194Josh Lanyon

Writes gay contemporary and speculative fiction. Mysteries mostly. The romance is a kiss on the page, and not the bulk of the stories, for sure. Some people have a hard time with that, but I love it.

Lanyon’s Website

Jordan Castillo Price

Writes mostly urban science fiction in worlds that are nearly contemporary, but have a bit of a speculative fiction twist. I’ll read anything she puts out. She’s also an indie author who creates her own art, so when you support her works, you support her and her co-authors.

Price’s Website


LetaBlakeCropLeta Blake

Indie Author. Writes contemporary and speculative fiction, and it’s usually sweeter than my normal fare. It can be angsty at times, but it all ends happily. To date, she’s written the best sex scene I’ve ever read.

Blake’s Website


Contemporary and speculative fiction author. Not afraid to break the rules and make you love every second of it. He doesn’t write traditional romances. Gritty details with protagonists who ride that good guy/bad guy line hard. Brutal plots leave you in the palm of his hand.

Voinov’s Website

ghaleGinn Hale

Fantastic realism in gritty fantasy. Her ideas are so incredible, I’m envious of her imagination.

Hale’s Website











  1. Love this site!! Can’t wait to read King Of The Storm!


  2. Thanks for the selection of The Zozobra Incident among your top ten. I’m flattered.


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