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Lose the Battle was my first published literary fiction short story.  I was inspired to write it by my sister, who is my everything.

Lose the Battle Free Read

Girls and Fences is another literary fiction short story.  I used personal experience for this one as well, and to be honest, writing this story stung a little.  I have a lot of guilt around this time, and though it isn’t 100% accurate compared to real life, it’s close enough.

Girls and Fences Free Read

Unlikely Hero is nonfiction. I wrote this in February, to commemorate the month I asked my first girlfriend to be mine.

Unlikely Hero Free Read

In Between is a nonfiction micro-fiction featured in Alchemy, 2015. I wrote this to celebrate my ex-girlfriend. Her bravery helped me embark on my own transition. I was also an editor for this publication, and I helped design it.

In Between Free Read

Moon Man is a microfiction featured in Alembic, Spring 2015. I originally wrote it for a fiction class, and then submitted it to QSF, and then finally it was finally accepted by Alembic. It started out as gay science fiction, and sort of… morphed into something else. I was also an editor for this publication, and I helped design it.

Moon Man Free Read

Trans Europe is a compilation of flash fictions I wrote about my time in Europe in April, 2015. My family and I visited the Netherlands, France, Italy, and the Vatican City.

Trans Europe Free Read