“Greenwode” by J. Tullos Hennig

To all you historical fantasy fans–check this out.

The flavor of Greenwode hit me as a historical, but there’s a bit of magic, and it’s loosely based off of the legend of Robin Hood. Loosely. Otherwise, the language, the setting, and the voice was all very Old English. Hennig did a lot of research, and has a section in the back of the book devoted to how much she did.

I don’t read a lot of historicals, but I enjoyed this one. The magic kept things interesting for me, and the language was not something I was used to, therefore captivating and new. It felt like discovering a fine wine. There was incredible tension: Romantic, character-driven, and plot-driven. This isn’t a light sip of a read.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated with historical fantasy, because some of the attitudes at the time can be. . . stifling, especially when dealing with gay culture. I’ll admit, I felt a little squeezed as I read Greenwode, but it added to the tension and plot, which was a beautiful thing.

Even though this book wasn’t a traditional romance, or an erotica, because of the realistic feel of the tension, it was definitely sexually charged, and one of the hottest works I’ve read in a while. Indeed, it wasn’t fluff, and it certainly wasn’t feel goodz. But it did make me feel, that’s for fucking sure. Each scene was carefully crafted and fit together gloriously, tugging me every which way. Read it for the historical, read it for the romance, or read it for the fantasy. However you read it, you’ll love it.


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