Guest Blog: Liam’s Road to Surgery by Liam


Hi my name is Stephen Liam Hall, and I am a young man finding my way. Before I begin I would love to give a huge shout out to Ben Brock, who I have never met, but is so willing to help get my story out there. I don’t think words could express my gratitude towards you.

Ever since I was little I knew there was something different with me. I sincerely believed I was one of the boys. My grandmother was the one who helped raised me until I was about ten. She let me express myself in clothes (cargo shorts/t-shirts), and even let me chop off all of my hair before my fourth grade graduation. But as I got older my family felt the need to tell me I could no longer dress the way I did because I was a “young lady”. Every now and then I would sneak the occasional basketball shorts and t-shirt to school.

Now that I am older I have sought out my own journey. I started hormone replacement therapy Feb 22, 2016. My mother has been supportive, but my father and his side of the family don’t understand and have caused problems. The dots are finally connecting and starting to form a picture, but I’m lacking a few more dots to start the coloring in phase. Top surgery is one of the things I’m lacking. I am ready to be free. Any help and support would be greatly appreciated!

Much love,

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