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love-and-the-stubborn_finalONE OF the most interesting and exciting things for an author is getting the cover for his or her book. Love and the Stubborn is only my second book, so the thrill is still there. (And, frankly, I can’t imagine it wearing off even with the fiftieth or hundredth book.) My publisher, Dreamspinner, is very generous and allowed me to voice my opinion concerning the cover, something that is not a matter of course with all publishers.

Since Gods of War is a series, I always wanted the covers to be related to each other, so that people would recognize the books as part of the series when they saw them in the shelf. I read a lot of fantasy myself and I always like it when the books in a series have a red thread on the cover, ideally with a reference to the content of the book.

When Aaron Anderson sent me the cover for Casto, I was thrilled. I liked the fact that it was a little unusual for the genre (no semi-naked or naked men on the cover – not that I would have minded that) and with a bit of mysticism to make the reader wonder what was going on between the pages.

The color for Casto is blue, because that is Renaldo’s personal color as well as Casto’s eye color. Since the first book centers on them, I thought it was a perfect match. The color for Love and the Stubborn is more that of a true flame, a deep orange that goes well with the black background. In Love and the Stubborn many different plot lines are set in motion. Renaldo and Casto still hold a central part of the story, but I also push Sic’s and Daran’s plot lines ahead and set up the ground works for a few others. The flames on the cover represent not only the wild and untamed relationship Renaldo and Casto share, they also hint at the things to come in the following books.

The burning stone at the center of the cover in combination with a different rune and a different color of flame is the red thread I wanted for my series. The colors of the flames refer either to a particular character in the book, or to a development, sometimes, as with Love and the Stubborn to both. The runes are a reference to the language of the Ancients and the runes of the Mothers, which all the Emeris carry on their skin.

I’m thrilled to have such a great cover for the second book in my series and I can’t wait to see what the third cover is going to look like. I hope my readers enjoy the wonderful artwork as much as they enjoy the story.

xenia_smallXenia Melzer is a mother of two who enjoys riding and running when she’s not writing stories. She doesn’t like beer but is easily tempted by a Virgin Mojito. Or chocolate. Truffles are especially cherished, even though she doesn’t discriminate. As a true chocoholic, she welcomes any kind of cocoa-based delight.

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All is fair in love and war. By now, Renaldo has found out the hard way how utterly stupid this statement is once you’ve met your match. And Casto won’t give an inch in their ongoing war for love.

After a tumultuous start to their relationship, Renaldo and Casto seem to have finally reached calmer waters. But just when Renaldo starts getting comfortable and thinks he can relax, things get out of hand again. His old enemy, the Good Mother, is dangerously close to defeating the divine brothers by reaching out to what is most dear to him. Casto still clinging to his stubborn pride is all the plotters need to drive him and Renaldo apart. Burdened by the secrets of his past, Casto fights with everything he’s got not only to save his life, but also to secure his future happiness. Facing the destruction of everything they have built together, Renaldo and Casto must choose between pride and love.

Release Date: 13th of December
Publisher: DSP Publications


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