“Hot Head” by Damon Suede

I loved it! Great tension.

You’d think that two straight firemen fumbling into love together would become a tiresome trope, but I still love it. That’s not saying the sex wasn’t unique and hot – it was smoking – but I felt the most tension, above and below, when there wasn’t sex. The kiss and the masturbation scene were big hits for me.

The characters were believable and flawed. I felt a little frustrated from Griff’s POV, like I wanted to shake him and beat him over the head with a book, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. In the end, he didn’t disappoint me.

The resolution phase (i.e. falling action), was a bit drawn out. It is a long book and I don’t have a problem with that – more bang for my buck and all – but I think that the climax feel of the photo shoot could had been downplayed.

The reason why I am writing this review, months after I read the book, is because the quotes have stuck with me. Here’s a tiny sample:


[Griff is wearing a kilt, but some guy at the bar accuses him of wearing a skirt.  Griff doesn’t miss a beat.]

“It’s a kilt, dumbass. It’s only a skirt if I’m wearing underwear.”


[In another scene, Dante is asked if he’s…trimmed.]

“Manscaped?” Dante smiled. “I’m fucking Italian; I been mowing my lawn since I was thirteen.”


Hot Head by Damon Suede


The quotes by themselves are funny as hell, but the characters and the situations make them memorable and endearing. I use the kilt quote all the time, and my family is probably going to get a shirt made for me with that on it.

There are many good reasons to read this book, and if you like hot firemen and awkward straight guys doing it, definitely check it out. I think the fact that I do makes me “hot head”.

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