I Dream of Sex

I have sex dreams.

They are varied.  Sometimes I’m a woman, a man, or a bear (yeah, that happened).  I lucid dream about once a week, and that can be entertaining.  If the mood strikes me, I’ll take control of my dream and make it sexier.  Hot tubs, waterfalls, candlelit bedrooms, parties, whatever.  Anything goes.  Sometimes my sex dreams are hilarious.  I’ll lose control; people will walk in or the bizarre and awkward will occur.  My last dream was of the latter variety.  I’m not even sure if I could talk about it, that’s how awkward it was, and for me, that’s fucking saying something.

My sexy dreams are often so intense that I *cough* wake up in the middle of them.  But no worries, I can usually fall back into them again.  And again.  And again (get it?).  My dreams have taught me that sex is more mental than physical.

Throughout my life I have asked people if they dream of sex, and I found that some people don’t even remember their dreams, let alone have sexy ones.  I also found that most sex dreamers were men.

Once again I chalked up my experiences to be weird and perverted.  Story of my life.

Today I was talking with a female co-worker and she admitted to having regular sex dreams (I bring up sex frequently – in almost any setting).  I was floored.  We talked a little about our dreams, but we have a beer date to go into depth off the clock.

I find both sex and dreams interesting, so sexy dreams are supremely fascinating.  Do you have sex dreams?  What are they about?

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