Interview with Forge from “The Vampire Guard” by Elizabeth Noble

vamp-guard-business-cards-front-copyHello and welcome, listeners! This is Ben Brock, Special Correspondent for the Paranormal Public on Queer Sci Fi Radio, and I have with me today Head Detective Jonas Forge. Detective Forge has won numerous commendations working for the Flint Police Department, and has become a steadfast member of their–mainly human–community. He’s also a vampire, and a rising star in our society.


Thank you, Detective Forge, for coming on our show today.


Forge: It’s my pleasure. I’m honored to have been asked and it’s a thrill to meet you Mr. Brock.


Let’s get some minor details out of the way first. How long have you been with the Flint PD?


Forge: Oh, wow, I have to think. I graduated from William and Mary College in the 1842 with a law degree. It wasn’t long after that Declan and I settled somewhat permanently in Flint, Ohio. It became our home base so to speak. About a century later our friend Simon Hawthorne joined us and convinced us to buy Boggs’s Castle instead of paying rent. Flint didn’t have a police force in the early days, but there was a sheriff and I lent him some help from time to time. It was a lot easier back then, without photo IDs and the internet, for us to leave for a few years every dozen or so years, come back with moustache, no moustache, different hair and so on and fit in with the town again. I think the official police force was in place sometime around World War I. I was a constable then, after World War II a beat cop, when we were in Flint. It wasn’t until the early eighties, after Stewie Belle became head detective, that I took the tests and earned my detective shield.


So why did you choose law enforcement, in some form or another, as a career?


Forge: That’s a question I’ve been asked and honestly one I’ve asked myself. My parents were farmers. They barely had enough money or food for my sister and me. They couldn’t read or write yet we recited Bible passages every night. The one thing I think I got from them was a sense of honor. Protect those that can’t protect themselves at all costs and do what you know in your heart is right. Some days that works out better than others. And for the record, I’ve never killed anyone or anything unless it was a last resort… I have however, used my vampire skills to coax a confession from a suspect. A little bit of fangs and changing eyes and their memory and communication skills dramatically improve.


I’ll bet. You’re an important member in human society, and in our paranormal community. Very few manage both, and from what I understand, you are stealth to some of the Flint PD. Tell us a little bit about how you ingratiated yourself into human society, and achieved the level of success you have. 


Forge: I didn’t do it alone, that’s for sure. As I said, we had some tricks. Mostly they were Declan’s doing. It’s not that difficult to alter your appearance with simple things like hair style, clothing and how you carry yourself. A lot of people in Flint accept there are certain members of the community that don’t age as much as others do. It’s like the town secret that isn’t a secret but no one asks about it… much. I have hobbies, friends and play on the force basketball team. Sometimes I attend functions in an official capacity at churches and schools.


And not only do you have a successful career, but you have a dynamic personal life as well, living with other vampires, including your bonded mate, a human, and a werewolf. Tell us a bit about what it’s like to have that level of diversity in your home.


Forge: The rest of us pale in comparison to Lucas Coate, aka the werewolf. All kidding aside however, we’re really not that different from other families. Ben—Simon’s human bond mate, Blair, Lucas and myself all play on the force basketball team in the men’s league. Simon and Declan, though they claim not to understand why we play games, come and watch and pretty much clap and cheer at the appropriate times. They always show up for the after game round of drinks and dinner! All of us meet with a few other friends regularly for a poker game. By the way don’t play with Blair, he’s a real shark and he hustles.

There is the matter of Lucas’s full moon change every month, that can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Our diversity comes more from our upbringings. Simon, Ben and Declan are originally from Great Britain, New Zealand and France respectively. We’ve had a bit of a language issue over the years. I think as a family our diversity is part of our strength. It’s certainly part of our charm.


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Interview with Forge from “The Vampire Guard” by Elizabeth Noble

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