Interview with WROTE Podcast

J. Scott Coatsworth, Angel Martinez, and B. A. Brock

IN THIS interview with WROTE Podcast, Scott, Angel, and I discuss our annual flash fiction contest for Queer Sci Fi. We talk a bit about the origins of the contest and compare this year’s to previous year’s (but we don’t leak this year’s winner), and delve into what we look for in submissions, as a group and individually. If you’re a contestant, this is a great tool to see what we’re looking for next year! Scott also proposes a theme. Needless to say, Angel wasn’t amused (but I was, lol). Renewal, our latest anthology, will be published in September.

The WROTE podcast team deserves a big thank you, especially Vance Basian, our host. As always, it’s an honor to be an admin for QSF and a delight to be a submissions editor for the contest.

Click on the cover of Renewal to check availability. Thank you everyone for making this year’s contest a smashing success!

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