“Line and Orbit” by Sunny Moraine and Lisa Soem

Science fiction with magic! It’s a SciFi/Fantasy – my favorite.

This is a fast read. The writing is superb. The characterizations are incredible. The dialog is perfect.

It’s not really a romance. Sure, it has romance, and it’s tagged as one, but it’s not really. It’s a LGBTQ Science Fiction. Don’t expect explicit sex (because there isn’t any), and don’t expect kisses and hugs and flowers (because there aren’t any). Do expect an amazing science fiction story – with magic – and a fantastic world and characters.

The world is based in the future. Earth is mentioned, but it has been abandoned so long ago that people only have stories to hold onto. There are other worlds and space ships and even cities that move through space – like the Death Star or Discworld (I know – two very different space-faring biospheres, but give me a break).

It is a SciFi/Fantasy, because there’s magic in space. The races that use technology and the races that use old-world magic have been separated by prejudice for a long time, but now they have to mix in order for a race to survive. Pretty cool, eh?

Adam is our protagonist, and his development is crafted carefully and is well executed. I say “crafted” and “well executed” because he’s of a race that are kind of like organic machines, genetically engineered humans down to the last cell. He’s put in a situation where he has to find his inner flaws and humanity in order to survive. What’s going on with him becomes the fulcrum for the entire plot.

This was both Soem and Moraine’s first book, and man did they knock it out of the water! I was super impressed.

There were quite a few point of view shifts in this book, more than I am usually comfortable with, but hang in there. They become a lot more interesting as you read, trust me. The other main characters in the book are just as deep as our protagonist, and full of their own hopes and fears. I could picture all of them clearly, and relate to them on many levels.

Magic in space! Weeee! (I have been accused of liking magic too much.)

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