“Love Match” By Keira Andrews

I had only read compilations of erotica before I read my first romance novel. Before “Love Match” I didn’t know that romance could be so…touching, beautiful, and sexy. The quality of the writing blew me away as well. The characters came alive on the page.

Luke Rossovich was captivating from the beginning. Andrews’ strong verbs showed me who Luke really was and he was believable. The first page opened the scene with Luke throwing his racket on the court and yelling at a judge for calling a shot incorrectly. He’s a bad boy; arrogant, a brat, but he knows what he’s doing. He’s a pro.

Until Jesse comes along and throws him off his game.

Jesse’s sweet and innocent goodness broke this bad boy down, and I loved watching Luke fall apart, only to be rebuilt into something stronger. When he finally succumbed to Jesse’s charm…hoo boy.

It is amazing how much better a well-written romance is than erotica. Changed my life. Not only is the story better; the plot and the characters, but the sex was way hotter. You know why? Because I was invested in the characters. I was feeling what they felt on another level, and that brought me closer to them. It also helped that the scenes in this book are crazy hot and all yummy man.

Maybe the ending was too happy, but I loved it. I discovered that I’m a sap like that. I return to this book over and over again. I’d own a paperback if Loose Id had one.

Maybe “Love Match” isn’t for you, I dunno. I played tennis in high school, and I know guys like Luke. I already felt grounded in the world. But if you like sports and hot man on man action, then I think you should give this book a shot. It may not change your game for good, like it did with me, but maybe you can learn a new trick or two.

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