Muse-ic and Me

Someone told me that everyone should have a favorite band, and that you should know everything about them, so I considered this.

I had never really had a favorite band before…unless you counted New Kids on the Block when I was in grade school. I listen to a variety of music, but I had never felt so strongly about a band that I wanted to make them mine.

My parents don’t play instruments and I had never learned one to any discernible proficiency, so we didn’t have it in the house when I grew up. I listened to my father’s rock records: Elton John, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, etc. When I got older, I listened to what my dates listened to. Thanks to them, I have a strong preference for alternative music, and thanks to my dad, I like British rockers.

That’s not to say that I have my own preferences. I discovered my love for Lindsey Stirling all by myself. But as my husband tells me, if I find a song I like, I am perfectly happy listening to it over and over again for days (I’ll admit, that could be linked to my special brand of crazy). I also don’t have music going on all the time. I don’t listen to it when I read [I’m not listening to it right now], and I generally like quiet more than blasting the beat.

I rarely go to concerts, but not because I don’t like music. I hate crowds and I don’t like noise to the point where I can’t hear the lyrics – both large and small venues often have this problem. For me, a song is a story, so the lyrics are just as important as the melody.

The areas where music has the strongest influence in my life are when I run – mostly to help me ignore the pain and fatigue in my body. I sometimes listen to music when I write; It helps me access emotions and creativity. I’ll also listen to music to distract myself when I drive (apparently to my and other drivers’ detriment).

I hadn’t considered it before, but music says a lot about us as human beings.

I thought that the advice I was given was legit. Music is a large part of our culture, so I figured I better make a band mine, if only to help people understand a part of me.

I had an obsession with Muse for a while. I’ve been to two of their concerts (braving the crowds and everything), and they are an alternative band with a message that I could get behind, so it seemed like a good fit. I researched everything I could about them. Now I know that Chris has a gazillion kids and Matt’s feet stink up to high heaven. Cool.

I may still act confused if someone asks me who my favorite band is, but if I’m allowed to think on it, I’ll probably say Muse.

The Resistance Tour
The Resistance Tour

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