“Not His Kiss to Take” by Finn Marlowe

Evan Harrison, an ex-doctor, witnesses a young man getting raped, and instead of taking him to the emergency room, he takes him to his house, because the kid (I say kid, because there’s an age gap, but he’s an adult) has no money and doesn’t want to go to the ER.  Jamie, who is convinced that Evan is a complete perv, freak, and wants to bum fuck him, also needs Evan to help him heal.  He’s scared.  He’s pissed.  He’s hurting.  And he isn’t wrong about Evan…

Evan remembers what it’s like to be a professional, he lives by “do no harm”, so while he’s mindful of his growing desire for Jamie, he also has it under control – maybe.  If only he had his patient under control.  Jamie lashes out, gets humiliated, gets talked down, and finally does whatever the doctor wanted him to do in the first place (in some cases as simple as taking a pain pill), only to start the process fresh the next day.  Evan wins one micro battle at a time.

The magic for me was the medical fetish running through the course of this novel.  A doctor with a medical fetish!  It’s all shades of wrong and yet it hit me as very very right.

Hi, I’m Beth, and I have a medical fetish, and maybe a thing for doctors.

It was hot watching Evan, day in and out, try to tamp down his growing, and sometimes painfully obvious, desire.  It was hot when Jamie fought against something, but you could tell that he kinda liked it, and then he started to go for it…  Those were the best moments for me, and it totally put “playing doctor” into a whole new light.  Yeah, we totally got up in Jamie’s business.  Awesome.

I’ll probably never look at latex gloves the same again.  Just sayin’.


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