“The Omega Complication” by Wolf Specter

29554214Genre: Paranormal M/M Mpreg Romance

Length: Novel

FOR OMEGA Hayes Kensington, life was going to be horrible no matter how he sliced it. His father was rich, domineering, and hadn’t liked the fact that he was an omega (a submissive male capable of carrying young) from the moment of his birth. The best Hayes could hope for was that he’d end up with an alpha who didn’t beat him, and maybe let him run around with the credit card every once in awhile, so he could keep himself in the style he was accustomed.

Alpha Charles Preston’s father and older brother just died, leaving him the alpha to a struggling, good-old-boy-based, and money-grubbing pack. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. His father was a titan, eternal, and Charles had been free of politics to explore the things he loved in life, his halfway shelter for shifters being one of them. Only nothing goes according to his plan, his father and mother die, and Fate doesn’t seem to smile upon him either when she squeezes him and Hayes Kensington together, a son to the man who wants him dead so he can take over the pack. Nope. This isn’t going to go well at all.

This was my favorite Specter book yet. I’ve resigned myself to realizing Specter is probably some sort of co-op or something, and not a real person, but I can’t stop reading his work. And I obviously can’t stop writing about it. And yet another part of me warns myself to not get too attached, because who knows when the words will stop. These–my–words are obviously the words of a desperate man.

Specter’s big wins with this book? CHARACTERIZATION! (I rarely use all caps, so this is important.) Hayes was such a prickly grumpy fussy frilly motherfucker–I loved him. Everything out of his mouth reeked of a mixture of class and piss and vinegar–a really dirty martini. Charles was a bit more boring, being the true-hearted white-knight type (*yawn*), but he was consistent, and in his own ways endearing. He also had a nice cock. *nods* The two of them together were dynamite.

My favorite parts all had to do with anything Hayes was saying, because he was that hilariously uppity and sassy. I really wish I could quote my favorite line here, but *shakes finger* spoilers!

Spoilers averted, I think it’s safe to say this story has a bit of a typical mpreg plot, but it is longer than the usual mpreg, and of higher quality. No cliffhangers or other bullshit. It still utilizes quite a few mpreg tropes, but with the depth of characterization, I didn’t really mind as much as I usually do, and they didn’t seem as in your face as most other mpreg stories, less titillating. It was obvious Specter (or whomever) put some thought into this one. I say “whomever”, because I kinda imagine Specter as a James Patterson type, in that he probably has his hands in a lot of pies, but who knows how much of everything Patterson puts out is really Patterson? The dude makes graphic novels, teen novels, kid novels, mystery novels…. Sounds exhausting (but lucrative).

Anyway, if you like mpreg, fussy martini-style characters, shifters, or hell, if you like sweet sappy dudes who meet the standoffish love interest, this work is for you.

Link to The Omega Complication on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Omega-Complication-Shifter-Mpreg-Romance-ebook/dp/B01D6F5KSM

Specter is exclusive to Amazon.

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Review: “The Omega Complication” by Wolf Specter

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