“Partners” by Jordan Castillo Price

“Partners” is a combination of the first two novellas in the Psy Cop series, “Beyond the Living” and “Criss Cross”.

Paranormal Romance/Horror/Suspense. Jordan Castillo Price is a master of this crazy genre she writes. I have never read anything quite like her work, and it gets me every time.

It’s her gritty language. It’s her way of weaving plot and drama effortlessly. It’s her protagonist work. It’s her imperfect sex. It’s her humor. It’s her darkness.

The world building is excellent and real, Price’s characters are real, and the plot ping pongs between horrific, hilarious, and fucking sweet.

Victor Bayne comes alive on the page, and if you’re a reader like me, it’s easy to become him.

Even though Vic is a super star in the paranormal investigations unit of law enforcement, he is deeply flawed and vulnerable. He uses downers and uppers (barely legal) to function, and he pretty much has to drag himself out of bed every day. The nature of his job and the people who care about him are really the only connections that keep him going day in and day out. I could see him living as a hermit if it weren’t for them.

But he’s a genius, he really is. He sees things that no one else does – literally. He sees and can talk to dead people. He thinks it’s a curse and the world thinks he’s a freak, but they use him. He knows he is just a tool, something to be used until he goes crazy and they put him away for good. He’s just biding his time until that happens, taking what high he can get until it’s time to play the puppet again.

Price doesn’t write perfect sex and I fucking love her for it. In the first sex scene, Vic’s on the verge of puking from the awful taste of the drugs in his mouth, and then a half minute later he’s getting a hand job. In another scene, he’s pressed up against the window “like a bug”. Gritty. Real life sex isn’t perfect and neither is her fictional sex.

The reality of her work grounds you into the moment and makes it that much more awesome. Check it out.

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