Product Review: The EZP by Transthetics

11231859_649743625129147_5697311773655716759_nI’m a transman–1.5 years on hormones, and a couple months post top surgery and hysterectomy (please forgive the bandages). I’m not planning on getting lower surgery in the next year or two, so I wanted a product that would make me feel more comfortable in the men’s room. I ultimately chose the EZP by Transthetics because I could run/work out with it, it was more like a prosthetic (not something I carried with me in a pouch), and it was detailed and convincing enough for accidental scrutiny.

Here’s a quick video on how to use the EZP by Alex, the founder of Transthetics and creator of the products.


As a Packer

As a packer the EZP is fine. It’s not perfect, but it works. I’ve run, biked, and flopped around (yoga) with it. If you wear the right underwear, it’ll stay in place. My main complaint would be that it’s not as discreet as I’d like, especially for sports. Despite it being obvious on me because I’m tiny, it doesn’t really press against me–nothing a quick readjustment can’t fix. In compression pants it looks as if I have a half chub, and you can see the outlines of my cockhead and balls.

My cis husband thinks that’s kinda funny, and he believes I’ll get attention from the ladies, but that’s not usually what I’m interested in when I’m playing sports. In fact, drawing attention to my (fake) package is precisely what I was trying to avoid. I’ve considered wearing a jockstrap, but my husband thought that’d just call more attention to my package, not less. I guess if it’s cold enough to wear compression pants, then I can probably wear a longer shirt to cover the bulge, so hopefully it won’t be a big deal come winter.

Some guys have said they get horny while packing, but I haven’t experienced that, and I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because the product barely touches me when I wear it. I have thought of inserting the shaft of the product into certain orifices, but so far I’ve refrained.

14017975_10210354557680489_217953537_nSpecial Underwear Needed

Two simple tests can help you determine if are able to use any of the underwear you already own with the EZP: jumping jacks and peeing with them. None of my underwear passed both tests, so I had to try a few brands before I found these two:

GV2 at Amazon

This underwear is perfect for the gym, sports, and even everyday use, but it has a narrower band between the legs, so it would probably chafe after a long run (over ten miles). However, it’s the easiest underwear to pee with, because the hole and pouch are quick to get in and out of, and you won’t get caught playing with yourself at the urinal.

Bunker at Amazon

This is a great brief for everyday use. The fly sits a bit lower, and the flap behind the fly is super stretchy, so you don’t end up kinking the hose and pissing yourself (it happens).


Sometimes I don’t use fly underwear. I have some briefs I really like with no fly, and in a few pairs of my running shorts, I have a brief insert with no fly. I’ve learned how to pee discreetly with those… to a point. It’s harder to stealthily flip the cup, and therefore completely empty the reservoir, so I’d suggest yanking down on the EZP to drain it in those situations.

Everyday Use

If you’re worried about the unsanitary idea of not washing this product after every use–don’t. Unless you are super dehydrated or something, it just smells like crotch. I give it a rinse at the end of the night and it’s fine. It’s skin safe silicone, but if it were holding onto any odors I wanted eliminated, I could wash it with a very simple and unscented soap. I have some Dr. Bronner’s that’d do the trick.

Using the men’s room is a bit weird, but since I hit puberty I’ve always felt weird in restrooms, so it’s not like this is a new feeling for me. I just have the added worry of pissing on myself in public. Something I do, to try and catch the leaks, is I cup the balls of the product as I’m pissing, and usually I can feel if I leak, so I can stop pissing and readjust. However, every time I’ve pissed myself I was wearing the wrong underwear.

My dog and I don’t really have much in common. I like to run; he doesn’t. I’m not very touchy feely; he is. I’m super independent; he isn’t. But one thing we now do together is pee in the yard after I get home from work at night. That’s how intuitive peeing with the EZP is. You can totally use it in the dark. The clearance isn’t super fantastic for pissing on the ground, depending on what you are pissing on, but it works. And now my dog and I have something to bond over.

Perhaps the price of the product gives you pause, and maybe in your research you can find one that is less expensive and will suit your needs, but I’d had my eye on the EZP for a long time (get on the email list if there’s a wait), and it meets all my requirements. It was made by an athletic guy for athletic guys, so it fit nicely into my lifestyle.


In this review, I’ve managed to be lewd, overly explicit, but hopefully educational, so I think I’ve said it all. If you have any questions, Alex, the creator, is very helpful. He’s the one who found GV2 sports brief for me, and I recommend watching all his videos. Not only are they incredibly informative, but Alex is also super easy on the eyes.




  1. I’ve been looking at this for awhile and been curious. So far, though, I’ve been more worried that something passes the grope test than the standing to pee in public test. It bothered me early on, 20 years ago, but now days the only time it’s an issue is when I’m somewhere that the ONLY option is a urinal. The good news is that the prices are coming down and the options are going up. I remember 20 years ago a shewee was the only option for an STP and other than a cheap pretty generic Mr. Packy the only penis prosthetic to be found was about $2000. and was made overseas.


    1. Wow. $2,000 is a lot. And yes, I’m lucky I’m coming out as trans in a world that’s a bit safer and more accommodating for that. It kinda reminds me of coming out as gluten free. Right when I did it took off in popularity. 😉


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