Queer Romance Ink is Here!

For those of you who don’t know J. Scott Coatsworth, he and his husband, Mark, have been a force of good in this community since Scott began publishing in the gay romance speculative fiction genre. Besides being kind souls and hard workers, they have experience in running online businesses focused on the LGBTQ+ community and are perfectly suited to helping those in need find the resources they require. I frankly can’t imagine a world without them.

It is then with no surprise that when All Romance Ebooks collapsed, Scott and Mark immediately identified a need for a queer literature resource, a place where people could get connected with the queer books they know and love. Queeromance Ink doesn’t sell products, but is a fantastic tool for book buyers to find what they are looking for in genre, author, and trope.

Queeromance Ink has ‘romance’ in its name, but really it’s for all LGBTQ+ literature. Scott encountered early on that some of us buyers (myself included) need a resource for finding other queer books, not only in the romance genre.

With great pride I’ve been a part of this process from the beginning, lending the support I can to Scott’s vision. As always I’m proud to be a part of his purpose. Since Queeromance asks for very little in return for having it as a great resource, at least explore the site and perhaps discover a new book. Supporting those in the community will lend strength to our voices in the realm of publishing, and hopefully the world.



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