“Red Dirt Heart” by NR Walker

A book about hot Aussie ranchers. Who wouldn’t like that?

I loved the voice of Charlie, the lonely Australian, in this piece. Rugged and insecure, he makes a great narrator. I also adored seeing Travis, the cocky Texan, from another country’s point of view. Being from the US, I’m always a bit fascinated at how others see us – maybe because I am admittedly a bit of a regretful United Statsian.

[Sorry US, it’s not that I think you’re bad, it’s just that a sizable number of the people who live in you… Moving on!]

The world was fantastic: modern Australia in the middle of butt fuck nowhere – a great setting for some romantic tension.

I think that I like these MM Aussie Romances more than US or even European ones. There’s just something about them. I wish I could put it into words. An openness? A simplicity? A humbleness? A strength? I don’t know, but they are damned hot.

This book has great sex in it too (so it’s not just a good cultural piece), but I found the points where I experienced the most sexual tension weren’t during the actual sex scenes. And there’s a lot of tension. Walker works it masterfully, so that you feel the slow build, a bit of release, another slow build, and then the big bang! It was  unexpected and yes…damned hot.


It’s also part of a series, so read it, love it, and then read the rest.

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