Review for The Novel Approach: “Sūnder” by Lexi Ander

Title: Sūnder
Series: Darksoul #1
Author: Lexi Ander
Genre: Paranormal Romance (with some spaceships thrown in).

I LOVE how Ander uses aliens and alien cultures. She also weaves entertaining mpreg elements into past works I’ve enjoyed, and similar elements are present in this work. However, while Sūnder did offer me aliens, it struck me as more of a Paranormal Romance. The world is similar to our world, but with a few aliens roaming around instead of shifters. The Panthrÿns and L’fÿns acted like shifters—cat shifters, specifically—with their fur and tails and sometimes stripes, and there was definitely a heavy lean on romantic tropes, but the aliens didn’t turn into animals, Terran or otherwise.

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