Review for The Novel Approach: “The Bisti Business” by Don Travis

Love, love, love this series. This novel could be a standalone, but honestly you get more character development in the first book, so I’d recommend starting with The Zozobra Incident. The plot in The Bisti Business was more fast-paced and concise, and we still get the wonderful setting of New Mexico, which was really working in this series.

BJ Vinson is one of my new favorite sleuths and role models. We are about the same age; however, so I wish I had him in my youth. Share this series with any mystery/thriller fan, especially with those who love noir and hard-boiled detective series. There isn’t much gore or sex, so I’d probably put it at Crichton-level of violence and suspense, but there are adult themes and language, suitable for most mature middle-grade readers (but take that recommendation with a grain of salt–I was reading Ludlum when I was thirteen).


My review for The Novel Approach:

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