“Sacrificed” by Bey Deckard

This copy was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

“Sacrificed” is the second book in the Baal’s Heart Trilogy. In the last book, the action ended with the crew of Baal’s Heart planning to travel to Devil’s Isles.

A thrilling read! The suspense was so intense, I found myself reading faster than I could turn the pages. Heart-warming and heart-breaking, Deckard explores the light and the darkness of love and sacrifice.

Lies, deceit, and belief are aspects of the human soul that Deckard glorifies and challenges. He seamlessly weaves his characters into this suspenseful tale. I am always impressed with his characterizations. The people in his stories, from their dress to their dialog, come alive on the page.

Dynamic, dramatic, and intriguing, the three men’s relationships with each other are solid as stone, but at the same time, fragile and precious. All three men disappoint and delight each other with their abilities to love and express that love. There is so much power play, and the romance teeters from going very wrong to very right.

More of a character study than a romance, the three men in the story undergo extreme personal growth. Jon, who seemed no more than a toy, proves himself to possess great strength, and Tom, who seemed unflappable and strong, shows his sensitive underbelly. Baltsaros also makes great personal sacrifices and changes. His usual cool and calculating demeanor, the way he sees people as “puzzles of flesh and bone”, and his entire philosophy of the world and his place in it are drastically put to the test.

The sex, as always, was fantastic, gritty, and an expression of how much the main characters need one another.

Book one and two of Baal’s Heart both came out this year, which makes Deckard one of the most prolific authors I know. I think it’s a given that we can expect more great things from him. Great things, indeed.

Order the book, and learn more of Deckard at beydeckard.com

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