Currently Working On…

Godhead #2 technically takes place within the time frame of the first book. The story is about Palamedes. I had always intended on writing this novella. I love antiheroes; I don’t like my knights too white or shiny.


Godhead #3 is a continuation of Perseus’s story. It’s more domestic, but no less fantasy.


Girls Can Try:  I hope to make this a FF piece. New Adult maybe? I think it would work well in a community college setting.  We’ll see.


The Right Words will probably be a MM short story. The inspiration for this story was my class. We were supposed to write literary fiction short stories, but I had been working on a MM Romance, so I wanted to be cheeky and do a literary fiction piece that was really a MM Romance.  Well, my peers liked it and wanted it to be sexier, so I officially made it into MM. I also like writing characters that aren’t strictly gay or straight, so this story has my penchant for blurring the spectrum.


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