“Spectr” Series by Jordan Hawk

I have stated in the past that I don’t necessarily like series, because I hate cliff-hangers, and sometimes the authors like to string me along for forever (Dresden Files and Wheel of Time…I could go on *snrk*).

That being said, I have spent the past week or so reading two different series, and “Spectr” was one of them.  I carefully prepared myself and bought the entire series, because it was already finished.  I snagged it for about the cost of two small romance novels, or a really big one.

Even though I prepared, I found it wasn’t necessary with this series.  Hawk does an amazing job of treating each full-length book like its own story – an amazing art.  Sure, at the end of each I wanted to know more, but I didn’t need it as I would from a lack of an ending.  Each book was complete.

This is an Urban Paranormal MM…M? Romance.  Labels make me giggle (too bad my sciencey brain can’t help itself).  In this world, paranormally gifted people are called “mals”, and there is an entire police structure (SPECTR) bent around keeping them safe from themselves and the public.  It has a fun X-Files feel (something I’m starting to attribute as a signature of Hawk’s work).  There are government conspiracies, complicated characters, and paranormally-bent monsters.

Our protagonist is Caleb/Gray.  This is a bit of a Jadzia Dax situation, because Gray inhabits bodies, and Caleb is the host.  Both of them undergo major personal growth during this process, so it’s hard for me to pick who specifically is the protagonist.  They are one.

(You can tell that I loved the series, because I compared it to both X-Files and Star Trek.)

Hawk’s got this law enforcement thing going for her, and she rocks it.  She’s also very good at making monsters.  Pretty damn gross ones too.  *high five*

It’s an MM…M?  The romance was riveting, the one thing in this series that kept me hooked all the way through.  I stuck with it until I got what I wanted, and Hawk delivered.  My one criticism is that I think things were oversimplified just a bit.  The situation between the three romantically involved characters was pretty fucking fucked, but it was also sweet, and tender, and fucking hot.  So…y’know…right up my alley.  *sheepish grin*

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