“The Degan Incident” by Rob Colton

This was a guilty pleasure on many levels.  I had to laugh.

This was a mpreg novel, written by a man (mpreg is where a man gets pregnant – mostly seen in paranormal/fantasy/scifi).  Before I started seeking out mpreg to read, I got the idea that a lot of gay men felt that mpreg was mostly written by women for other women, y’know, to satisfy some womanly fantasy or something.

Well men write it to satisfy some manly fantasies too.

Men write just as many desire-driven romance stories as women.  You have no idea how many “I just came from blowing you” scenes I’ve read.  Way more than the actual statistical average, I can assure you.  Yeah dudes, your pirate, bear, merman, BDSM fantasies are just like women’s pirate, bear, merman, and BDSM fantasies.  Sure, every work is unique, but y’all (men lovers everywhere) have some serious addiction to cock, and that’s pretty damn unifying.  Just sayin’.

In the The Degan Incident, I found myself fascinated by certain aspects of the entire mpreg story, namely the act that led to conception (yay sex!), and the pathology (yes, pathology) of the fetal development and birth of the baby.  The symptoms of the pregnancy were interesting, and I enjoyed the character’s humiliation and suffering probably more than is healthy for a person.  I liked the moment of discovery – “Oh shit, I’m a pregnant dude!”

Colton makes Devin, our protagonist, out to be a very sweet man, and even though the premise is a little zany, the entire novel is centered around family, so it has a nice wholesome feel to it.

I would have liked a bit more humiliation on Bastian, the partner’s half, however, and maybe some more disbelief would have been in order.  He sort of took the entire thing in stride, claiming that Degans had “aggressive DNA”.  Ha.

Also, where were the condoms in this story?  I don’t recall Devin even thinking about condoms.  He begged Bastian to penetrate him, and they both agreed to pull out.  And then botched it.  Never tell a guy (right before he cums) to blow his load inside of you, even if you’re just doing it to sound sexy.  Pulling out is a bad idea anyway, and doing it like that is a really bad idea.

There were some other aspects to the plot that I would have liked explained better, and the story kinda felt like Oliver Twist’s gay wet dream, but I’ll probably read more mpreg.  So far I think I’ve read…two?  Three?  They seem to be predominantly scifi and shifter stories, but I know some authors who’ve written fae ones.

To Boldly Go!

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