“The God Eaters” by Jesse Hajicek

This book made my Top Ten LGBT Reads of 2014.

The main characters:  Ashleigh Trine and Kieran Trevarde.  Both have been sentenced to life in prison, a special prison for people like them, people with magic.  Trine and Trevarde are an unlikely couple; Trine is shy, soft spoken, and generally likable, while Trevarde is a murderer, a whore, and all around unpleasant and prickly.

I liked Trevarde the best, and could have probably been happy with his POV only, but I understand what Hajicek was trying to do, and I think he made the right decision by having two viewpoints.  I just really liked Trevarde, and apparently have a thing for surly assholes.  Hah.

Worldbuilding.  Steampunk, set in a world similar to the US Wild West.  Fabulous descriptive work; I felt like I was a part of every scene.  There’s magic in this world, but it starts off subtle and then builds up, ending titanically.

I respected the hell out of this.  It was probably the gritty details that won me over, being often crass and raunchy.  Even though this was technically a fantasy of sorts, it had a certain realism that kept me firmly in place, experiencing every scene.  At one point I swear I tasted blood and dirt in my mouth.  Awesome.

But through all of that, it was a sweet love story.  Fragile and uncertain, Trine and Trevarde’s love is tested time and time again.  I was almost breathless under the suspense.  This isn’t a pure and happy romance, but the victories that those two boys shared were worth the pain for me in the end.

Hajicek doesn’t seem to have a lot of works out, but I will be keeping an eye open.

Goodreads Link – The God Eaters

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