“Too Stupid to Live” by Anne Tenino

This is the first Romantic MM Comedy that I’ve read and I loved it.  The premise is extremely playful; a young romantic, Sam, meets the man of his dreams (right out of those highlander romance novels he loves – Diana Gabaldon anyone?).  Only the man of his dreams doesn’t like him, and worse, he’s not even on his radar.  Sad Sam.

My favorite part of this story was in the humor.  I laughed and rolled my eyes (in a good way) throughout the entire novel.  There are quirky cultural references, bathroom jokes, and plenty of self-deprecating remarks.  Sam is delightfully awkward.

Ian seems confident and sure of himself, but he ends up being even more confused than poor Sam.  Maybe, just maybe, there’s something to this “twu wuv” Sam keeps prattling on about.

This is a light, fun read, and really fucking hot.  One of the sex scenes definitely left an impression with me.  I won’t be forgetting it any time soon, and I’ll be reading more stuff by Anne Tenino.

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