“Training Season” by Leta Blake

“Training Season” is the most breathtakingly sexy and sweet story I have ever read and it delivers nonstop romantic action!

Leta Blake’s novel cuts to the heart of the desires and dreams of her main character, Matty Marcus, in a way that’s naked and beautiful. Matty aims high for his figure skating Olympic dreams and falls, and we feel his strength and pain as he lifts himself back up again. Blake kept me turning the pages, feeling the rush of his joy and the trembling of his heartbreak. We soar with Matty.

The characters are real and funny, and The Amazing Matty Marcus is one of my all time favorites. One of our first glimpses of Matty reveals him in track pants, a sequined vest, and glitter body paint, dancing to pop songs. Matty has never known what it was like to not be gay, and his openness infuses his entire being with sparkles and strawberry lip gloss.

Rob is tall, blond, handsome, and Montana. Rob reins Matty in but at the same time gives him the freedom to open himself up to love. Matty gives Rob someone to care for, to protect, and yes, to show him what’s good for him.

From the beginning, these two are hilarious. Matty finds out that Rob is gay, and one of the first awkward things out of his mouth is how he doesn’t like needles or “things being poked into” him.

Rob doesn’t miss a beat and says, “Strange, I got a rather different impression.” Another great moment in this conversation is when Rob disapproves of Matty’s eating habits and asks him what’s left to bite if he starves himself for his figure skating career.

Matty says, “My ass. There’s always plenty of ass for that.”

During their first argument, Rob actually falls asleep!

Their sex is raw and vulnerable, and there’s so much of it! Who they are and how they love are the same thing and it shows in every word and touch. The first sex scene is a bump and grind fest on the floor that gets started because Rob thinks watching a figure skater eat is “such a sexy experience”. Though Rob is obviously in charge, they both feel like they are on their knees, taking it however they can get it from each other. This book also contains my favorite sex scene to date, so check it out.

The well-known enema scene, loved or hated, it is still amazing and them. Through Matty’s eyes I felt Rob’s intense blue eyes pulling on me, wanting more than I could give him. Matty is slowly cracked open by Rob and rebuilt into something stronger, and this scene is a necessary part of that rebirth.

I love this book. You have to read it.

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