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Trans Europe

Cover1resizedWHILE THE main theme of these pieces reflect on my time in Europe in 2015 with my immediate family, the subtheme is my processing and rationalization of my gender and sexuality. I came out as transgendered to my friends before this trip, but not to my family, so at the time of these experiences, they did not know I was transgendered.

My first trip to Europe was in 1999, and I had just come out to my mother about being gay. Saying I came out to her is a stretch, because that implies I did it voluntarily. In reality, she and my girlfriend’s mom had discovered the love letters I had written to my girlfriend, and they forced us to come out as lesbians. The irony is that neither of us were truly lesbians. I was/am pansexual, which is it’s own thing, and I honestly think that my girlfriend was/is straight, but love is love. Needless to say, my coming out wasn’t a joyous experience.

Coincidentally I embarked on this trip during another one of my coming outs, and consequently gender and sexuality were high on my mind. As I hope you’ll see, these themes color everything I thought and said.

The photographs were taken by me with an iPhone 5S and 6, and were edited in Picasa, created by Lifescape for Windows7, and uploaded into Microsoft Word 2013. I authored all of the text choices, and they are presented chronologically.

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