“Transgression” by Theo Fenraven

Genre: LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel


Note: I picked this book up because I spied the word “magic” in the blurb, and I figured I could use it for a science fiction or fantasy review. Turns out, it’s not that kind of magic, but I had a great time reading anyway. I should read blurbs more carefully in the future, if only so I’m not confused. *wink*

Very rarely do I find works that tell a piece of my story, so much so that they are a part of my own skin, but this was one of them. The main character is Zach, an actor. He’s not a big time actor, but he’s in a show that starting to become fairly popular. He’s also bisexual. Not, “hey, I’m in a MM Romance” bisexual, but actually bisexual. I love stories like this because the authors understand a wide variety of genders and sexualities, and they don’t shy away from writing about them.

Too many times authors get the message from readers that they don’t want any girl parts in their MM Romance, which is too bad and very limiting. I feel like often these authors will sometimes say a character is bisexual, but in name only. Or, they’ll put them in unhappy MF pairings, and then “save them” with a MM relationship. That gets rather tiresome. (I apologize for the generalization, especially to those MM authors who actually write great bisexual characters. You are awesome, and keep writing them!)

This novel was authentic. Not only do we have a bisexual male, who identifies as bisexual, but we have Sky Kelly, a trans woman. She’s another main character, and was very well done. Both characters face prejudice in expected and unexpected places. There was also an interesting contrast made between how gayness is seen in the US versus in Australia, and I wanted to learn more about that. This is a Romance novel, and I was impressed with the wealth of LGBTQ+ characters and gender-related issues. It could be argued that not all of the subjects concerning gender were entirely explored, but I thought Fenraven did a fantastic job.

Another wonderful surprise was the presence of some light kink. A little fun, if you will. And not only were these scenes handled exceptionally well, but one of the kinks portrayed was also one of my favorites… but I won’t spoil it. Needless to say, that scene was very memorable and incredibly hot, and added to the already wonderful diversity of the story.*

Fenraven has quite a few novels out, and he has a good following. Besides writing, Fenraven edits (he has his rates posted), and he is a photographer–busy dude, and he’s very much into creating things. I’ll definitely be reading more works by him.

Fenraven’s website:


*If Fenraven ever decides to release any extended scenes or new stories concerning this particular kink, I’m all eyes.

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