“Turbulence” by Lyn Gala

This was a fun book. Set in space; there are aliens, inter-galactic politics, space ships, and a delightfully complicated military and social system.

Here’s a peek at the opening lines:



Jacqs scratched his crotch before answering. “Nope.” The front had been too damn quiet. It made him twitch, and when he got twitchy, he tended to get himself in trouble by taking shots at random asteroids. It was better than sitting in a flying tin can waiting for the other side to blow him up. – Lyn Gala, Turbulence


The protagonist, Corporal Beta Class Jacqs Glebov, is modeled after Jayne from “Firefly”. He’s dense, always speaks his mind, and hilarious. There is never a dull moment with Jacqs. This is an amazing characterization piece and this book is totally worth it based on that alone. I have to admit, I modeled a current role-playing character after him.

The writing is good, and the dialog is great. I could totally relate to Jacqs’s propensity to stick his foot in his mouth.

The sex is fast, furious, and funny. There’s a zero gravity scene you have to check out. I’d get more graphic, but then I’d feel like there would be spoilers.

This theme has been done before; a straight guy who has to reevaluate his sexual identity. But it never gets old for me. Someone told me once that I felt it was my job in life to make everyone at least a little gay, so I may have a bias in favor of this trope. Also, there’s something that makes this “gay for you” theme more interesting…

The complex social structure in this book is fascinating. Instead of “gay” and “straight”, people are divided into categories such as: “stenosexuals” (an individual who prefers people of a particular trait – no matter the sex or species), “pansexuals” (individuals attracted to a wide variety of gender groups), “hypersexuals” (individuals who use sex to get to know someone), and so on. This system keeps people in check in their militaristic society and individuals can only be reprimanded when they try to romantically approach a person that doesn’t line up with their sexual category. Yes, it’s complicated, but also pretty cool and I’ve never seen it done like that before.

Ready for a fun ride? Check it out.


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