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King of the Storm

MM Romantic Fantasy Novel

Projected Release Date: November 2015

DSP Publications


I wrote King of the Storm after playing in a Greek-themed Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  I wanted to explore the boons and banes of Greek divinity, so I decided to play Perseus, a son of Zeus because…he had a flying horse *laughs*.  I made him into a paladin, and when we transitioned the game from D&D Next (which we didn’t like) to 4E, I made him into a storm paladin.

Even though Ancient Greeks had no concrete concept of homosexuality and heterosexuality, in lore, Perseus was probably the most straight of all the demigods.  I took his story and made it gay, gay, gay.  I’m sorry, Perseus (the legend).

Another inspiration for my novel was X-Men.  Like demigods, mutants have to negotiate their power and the curses that come along with it.

My novel is a Greeky D&D fantasy, with a thread of romance.  Mostly it’s about a man trying to negotiate his internal conflicts with the gods, and get what he wants out of life.



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