When Thor Called Me Pretty

I HAD a dream I was driving Thor to meet up with Odin, and I was a bit nervous about being introduced to the All Father. The landscape we drove through was green rolling hills, with a utility pole here and there. We sat in a smallish sedan with a manual transmission and two doors. Thor had been fairly quiet most of the way, staring out across the vast countryside through the passenger side window, but he was dressed in armor with Mjölnir between his knees.

I shifted the gear stick, brushing his thigh briefly, and cleared my throat. “So… do you think your dad will like me?”

Thor gave me a flicker of a smile.

“You know,” I fumbled for words, “because I’m trans?”

His pleasant expression slowly faded as he dipped his head. “I’m sure it will be fine.”

I gave a rapid chin bob of agreement, but wasn’t convinced. I prodded and poked, asking him the same questions in slightly different ways, hoping for a clearer answer. In brief moments of levity, we talked about my past but not much about his.

“You were a pretty girl,” Thor finally said.

My first reaction was to blush. “You thought I was pretty?” I glanced at him, but he wasn’t looking at me anymore. He was staring off at the countryside, fingers splayed over his knee. As the implications of his words sunk in, a rush of shame consumed me. Though the other pieces of his message were unspoken by him, I had heard them before from others. I’d never be a real man–real tall, real strong, or real anything. I’d always be defined by what I was. Even Thor thought so.

Still watching the countryside, Thor murmured, “My father isn’t always the most tolerant.”

Mired in my grief, I attempted to process that piece of information, but a spark of anger burned me from the navel up. “At least I didn’t give birth to an eight-legged horse,” I snapped. “With all your enchanting familial variety, you’d think he’d be used to a smidge’ of human diversity by now.”

I wasn’t sure what I had been expecting from that outburst, but certainly not Thor’s booming laughter and a breathtaking slap on my shoulder. The entire car shook with his mirth.

“True!” He was still chuckling half an hour later.

Though I didn’t get the comfort I sought, and my poor shoulder wasn’t going to thank me on the morrow, at least I’d made Thor laugh.

Picture Credit:
"Marvel's Thor: The Dark World"
Thor (Chris Hemsworth)
Ph: Jay Maidment
© 2013 MVLFFLLC. TM & © 2013 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

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