“Widdershins” By Jordan Hawk

This book was fucking awesome; I wish I had been reading stuff like this my entire life.

I love mysteries. I love thrillers. I love a splash of paranormal/scifi/fantasy/what-have-you. I love romances. I love LGBTQ literature. And this book is all of that and a bag of chips. Really, really, really good chips.

The world building is more than believable (early 1900’s historical), well written, and wonderfully original.

Our protagonist, Dr. Percival Endicott Whyborne, is a researcher for a museum. Don’t let the man on the book cover fool you; Whyborne is delightfully disheveled and awkward. Actually, I’m not sure who that guy on the cover is supposed to be… Anyway! He is just a lowly – but brilliant – translator of old and dusty words, when he gets sucked into adventure and a town mystery by an alluring stranger.

I am afraid to say more than that about the plot. (I did mention that this was a mystery, right?)

Hawk weaves a great tale, and what I loved most, was that the heady romance, hot sex, and titillating mystery were in just the right amounts of each to keep me hooked the entire time. I read this book with every available free minute I had during the day, and I also stayed up really late one night to finish it.

I am falling heads over heels for this Sci-fi/Fantasy/Contemporary Romance sort of genre with Cops/PIs/Spies. These MM stories are way better than The Dresden Files and The Hallows, so if you like those, then you’ll flip over this shit. This was my first Jordan Hawk book, but I’ll be reading more (I already bought Spectr).

Check it out. Enjoy the chips.

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